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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a very powerful way to advertise on the Internet. PPC is probably the best way to get the most highly targeted traffic to your sites. The down side is PPC advertising can be very costly if you are not careful.
In this article we are going to give you some great tools and resources to help you to not have your pay per click experience be a costly one.

We are not going to be able to give you everything there is to know about pay per click, that would be almost impossible, but we will give you more than enough to get you off to a great start. In this article to make sure your experience with PPC is not a costly one we are going to give you some great tools and resources to help you with your pay per click experience. .

We are not going to be able to give you everything there is to know about pay per click, that would be almost impossible, but we will give you more than enough to get you off to a great start.

There are 3 main places to place pay per click ads:

Google ID:

Yahoo ID:


It is important to only start with one of these places at a time and once you have one setup and getting results to move onto the next one set that one up and so on.

Examples Of Keyword Categories:

This is one of the most important parts to setting up a successful Pay Per Click campaign. So many people do this wrong and end up paying the price, of high cost per click and low click through rates.

“Keyword categories” means just that. Don’t just take all these keywords and throw them into one ad group and think you are going to get results. Pick ONE category and then use the research tool at the bottom of the page to find as many keyword variations in that category as you can.

Example: Make Extra Money, Make Extra Money Online, Make Extra Money From Home, Make Extra Money With The Internet, Make Extra Money at Home etc…

If you have one ad group that already has Make Extra Money as one of the keywords DON’T use that keyword in another ad. You will just be competing with yourself.

Find every keyword variation or expansion that you can on your keyword category and put that in ONE ad group. Don’t just use the generic terms; you want to be as specific as possible.

This will lower the cost that you pay per click and increase the quality of leads that you will get.

You are going to want to use your keywords to target those who are looking for a home business, or how to make money online, or people looking for business opportunities. These are going to be your best leads and will result in more commissions in your pocket.

If you want more information on using PPC Advertising There is a system I use to help me all my advertising training created by Marketing Expert Paul Birdsall called The Copy Cat Blueprint TrafficWave For Profit

James Taylor
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Why Join Marketing Systems In Pre-Launch
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What is a Pre-Launch Marketing System?

Maybe I should start with the question what is a Marketing System? A marketing is a
set of technique used to drive traffic to your business. These marketing systems can be
used online and offline. These systems Can be other websites that let you promote your
business to their members. Some examples are Traffic Exchanges, safelist, Ezine sites and classified ads. So a Pre-Launch Marketing is a system that is not ready for the entire public
yet, Its set to open to the public in the near future. In the meantime you can promote It and
build your downline before the launch.

Why join a system in pre-launch?

Like I said before a pre-launch marketing system is a good way to build your downline and
A good database of people to promote your products and services to. Also your members
can do the same thing as you and most important the system is duplicate able. A system
does all the heavy lifting and explaining for you. There’s training and support in the system,
Tools to help you succeed and its all automated.

Now in conclusion you should try to find a pre-launch that is owned by someone that’s been
In the business for a few years. See if the owner is assessable through email or by phone
Ask questions about his marketing site. See what he offers before the site launches, ask about other sites he owns most owner are willing to communicate with you, as long you’re not coming on to Strong. You know the old saying “You can catch more fly’s with honey than with vinegar”

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James M. Taylor
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Breakthrough "Forced Money" System Just Released!

There's a "new" kind of website these days - one that "FORCES"
M0NEY into your pocket!

The days are now over where you were left with just "chance" on
your side when it came to making M0NEY on the Internet.

A brand new "technology" has been developed that makes websites pay
you by "FORCE!"

Short of putting a gun to people's heads and making them take their
money out of their wallets and pay you without choice, this new
technology might as well be the exact same thing.

This breakthrough was developed by a New York Virtual Marketing
Firm, and is taking the Web by storm!

Already some pretty famous names are taking note of this new "M0NEY
making invention" that "forces" M0NEY out of the Internet directly
into your bank account!

A spokesperson for the NYC firm boasted proudly:
"Imagine the Worldwide-Web as an ocean of M0NEY ... our new
technology merely makes a way for YOU to be able to dig a big
trench from that 'cash-sea' directly into your backyard!"

And that's obviously a pretty amazing feat to say the very least!
People get a web page that's NOT ordinary by any means!

The web page "captures" a huge segment of the daily visitors it
receives and winds up selling them repeatedly with a predictable
conversion each and every time!

Plus, the web page has a "built-in" device that allows it to
generate "free traffic" without end!

So considering the fact that you get free traffic, along with a
predictable and steady stream of sales conversions, you get a
guaranteed source of endless income!

Additionally, the web page you get already contains a PROVEN digital
product that no online marketer can live without, and one that is
delivered where all your orders are filled automatically by another
firm on behalf of you, the web page owner! (*And all at no costs!)

Not only that, but the web page contains a video that makes further
an irresistible offer so that people must surrender their contact
information, and which also becomes a VAST double-optin list!

This list is maintained by yet another separate online firm on your
behalf, and that has the HIGHEST track record for getting over 98%
undeliverability for follow-up emailings (the same that convert
another 378% more sales for you!)

So in a nutshell you get:

  • An amazing website!
  • A website that converts sales automatically!
  • A website that puts "forced" money directly into your pocket!
  • A website that's run by another firm for you (at N0 charge!)
  • A website that continues to promote for you over & over!
  • A website that grows & cultivates a proven list!
  • A website that functions automatically (so you never run it!)
  • And a website that you get Free H0STING for!
So as you can easily see you get the whole "Sha-Bang!"

Here are just a few examples of the successes people are having
using this "Forced Money" breakthrough system:

"Lisa C." Got $44,047 In Just 97 Days
"Jay R." Got $102,033 In Just 32 Days
"Cal W." Got $317,951 In Just 17 Days

Without wasting another moment of your time, why not go to the new
site that shows you how you can get this site for yourself (if
you'd like) for next to nothing? ...


*But I must warn you that they are only giving away a very limited
number of these "forced money" websites that forcibly pour money
into your pocket! - So please [for your sake] HURRY!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Business Was Featured On Oprah Today!

James Taylor

HUGE News...

Sandra Bullock Is Going To Be On Oprah Today
Talking About My Company & Products And You Can

Start To Profit From It Too!!!

There will be MILLIONS of people that will be watching
the Oprah show today with Sandra Bullock and locking into
the streamline as a result of the endorsement today and over
the next few weeks. And we can put many of those people
under you if you get started now because of my new
Streamline Magic system.


Taking Everyone To The Top,

James Taylor & The Advanced Mentoring Team

P.S. If you are already a member of our streamline make sure you let everyone you know about this ASAP with your links!!!!"Opportunity Doesn't Go Away, It Just Goes To Other People"...Someone really smart said that :-)

P.S.S. I'm Looking people to Joint Venture My Business
With Me,If Your Interested Email For More
Details. Type "JVenture" In The Subject Line.
Or Give Me A Call at the number Below

James Taylor

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Change Your Mindset And Be Successful.

James Taylor

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First let's talk about your mindset. Some people get into
a business and do next to nothing and then after a few months
When there is no money coming in, the whinnying and complaining
Starts, this is a scam they say! Then they lose focus and eventually quit.

You have to have a different mindset to operate a business online. you also have to have a system to drive prospects to your opportunity. The system will teach you how to market online and be successful. And example of an excellent system is My5Step System. Website . One thing you will realize after you change your mindset is
The only thing that could slow down your success is...You.
What are the Top Leaders in online Businesses doing to have success?
The answer is simple. They Learn What is taught to them,
Then They Apply It.

because we're all human beings, we have to learn how to overcome those potential setbacks and those feelings BEFORE you encounter them. Here some examples of what I mean:

You may feel overwhelmed

You may feel like you want to quit

You may not feel motivated

You may feel like Internet Marketing is too hard for you to learn

You may feel distracted

You may feel like you can't do it

Remember, that you can continue to be successful in our businesses. It will only hurt you if you choose to quit.

I believe the real reasons people quit and fail are:

1. Their Mindset Isn't Trained for Success

2. They Don't Have a Marketing System for Success

There are 3 major things that will affect your mindset in any business:

1. Who You Associate With

2. What You Feed Your Mind

3. Continuous Education

- If you associate with successful people,

- If you feed your mind to positive ideas and material,

- If you continuously educate yourself and grow.


Well everyone that’s my two-cent

There are many ways to learn how to change your mindset.

Going to seminars, reading books by people who have done


About the Author:
James M. Taylor Chicago, IL.
7 Years Internet Marketing, 10 Years Computer Engineering
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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey Here Is A Article From One Of My Leaders In
Green Home Business.

James Taylor
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Benefit Of Having Your Own Business - LEVERAGE!
By: Paul and Jackie Birdsall

The #1 Benefit Of Having Your Own Business.....FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
Having not just an unlimited income but also the time to enjoy it!
So, how exactly is that possible? Chances are you're already working hard and putting in long hours. What's the answer? I'll tell you!

The #2 Benefit Of Having Your Own Business.....LEVERAGE!

The difference between the wealthy and the middle class is leverage! The wealthy have an "EMPLOYER" mentality rather than an employee mentality!

The very wise and wealthy J. Paul Getty said it best, "I'd rather get paid 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own!"

With leverage, you can turn one hour of work into 100! How? Well think about it! If you have 100 people working for you and they each work 1 hour, that's 100 man (or woman!) hours,right?

By employing the efforts of others as you build your network, you'll be able to experience true financial freedom through TIME LEVERAGE!

Don't worry about HOW to build the network, we can teach you how to do that and would be happy to do so. Be sure to email or call us if you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss Time Leverage Strategies Until next time!

James Taylor with the Advanced Mentoring Team are affiliated with many successful home business parents and are willing to coach anyone serious about staying home with their children.

James Taylor can be reached at their website:
Green Home Business
or by calling 773-568-1942.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hey Here Is A Article From One Of My Leaders In
Green Home Business.

James Taylor
PIF4P Executive Member

Tips for Working at Home with a Small Child
by: Jackie Birdsall

Working from home presents many challenges but is especially tough when you have a little one vying for your attention. To some this is a contest of wills in itself where to others it is a perk. Often times it is both.

Short of shipping the kid off to Grandma's or daycare, what's a work at home parent to do?

We all need routines, especially children. Establish a daily routine so she knows what to expect and you have a workable plan, yet keep it flexible. I like to work in the morning and have the rest of the day available for fun and games but it doesn't always work out that way. My son knows that mornings are my work time and for the most part he entertains himself while I toil away. But some days he is just full of energy and needs more one on one interaction with me, he's only three after all. That's fine; I can always take a break or plan to catch up later in the day or week. After all, he's the reason I am home in the first place, he is priority number one. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Try to have a set time and routine for working but be flexible so you can truly enjoy the benefits of staying at home. Is it an interruption when your child barges in excited about some wonderful discovery or a welcome pleasure? Take a break, let it be a welcome diversion and enjoy the moment.

Here's a trick both you and your child will benefit from: use a timer. Children love timers and respond well to them. If he knows you are all his when the timer buzzes, he will be more likely to let you finish the task. This also helps balance your work time with your family time and keep your focus. Make sure you follow through, when the buzzer buzzes, time's up. No cheating. (Hint: don't make an important call 2 minutes before the buzzer is set to go off).

Design your office so that it is kid friendly. Toddlers love to imitate. Why not set up a play office within your home office complete with a little desk with a play phone, calculator and other safe office gadgets? Let them play "office" while you type up reports. Have special toys that he only plays with while you're working. My son loves to bang on an old key board and click an old mouse. I'll have him search for letters on the keyboard, in doing so he's learning his alphabet and valuable computer skills to boot. For older children, hook up an old computer and load it with age appropriate software limiting computer time just as you would TV time, again use the timer.

Need a helping hand? Ask for help occasionally. My 7 year old daughter loves sealing envelopes. Even though we have a self moistening Pitney Bowes machine, I put her to work licking as many envelopes as she can handle when I'm doing a mailing. It turns a mundane job into a fun time for both of us and the work gets done. She actually does a good job; she even stacks them in neat stacks

If you're lucky and your child still naps, this is a no brainer, take advantage of it and work while she sleeps. If not, enforce an hour or so of "quiet time". All kids need it and so do you. Keep a stack of books, puzzles, playdoh and other activities handy and encourage her to play quietly and independently until quiet time is over (when the timer goes off).

One of the biggest obstacles when working is making or taking a phone call. It never fails, as soon as the phone rings somebody starts squawking or “has to go potty”. Use email as much as possible and plan outgoing calls around quiet time or first thing in the morning before your child gets restless. I usually mention that I'm working from my home office with a little one at my side and have found most everyone is supportive, interested and even a bit jealous that I have this opportunity to work at home while raising my daughter.

BZZZZ! My work is done, my kids are waiting.

For More Information About How You Too Can Work At Home Contact Me:

James Taylor
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Position Yourself As A Leader For Your Business

Position Yourself As A Leader For Your Business
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In business you have to be able to lead your people if you
want success in your business. A leader knows this and
strives for duplication. You can work alone and be successful, but that
can take a lot of years and hard work. If you build a team
of leaders your business will increase 5 times faster and be
very a successful business. Leaders know this and so should you.

What Makes A Good Leader?
That's a good question; there are many
types of leaders for example Teachers, Armed forces officers,
Politician, Police force leaders and Business leaders. All these
leaders have 7 things in common. In this article I will focus on
Business Leaders and what you need to do to become one.

Why Do You Need To Become A Leader?
Before you can understand why you need to become a Leader, you
have to know what a leader is. By definition
a leader is 1. A person or thing that leads. 2. A guiding or
directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group, but
a leader is much more than that. A leader is someone that takes it upon
themselves to lead a group of people. A leader teaches people how and
what they need to do to create success in their business as well as his own.
Reading books, watching video's, listening to DVDs, going to
seminars and learning what they need to know to be successful. A
leader teaches the techniques that he has learned from other
leaders and mentors. A leader needs to teach technique’s that
are duplicated. Most important a leader knows he must
gain the trust of the people. A leader knows that he will get his
success faster by teaching others to be leaders.

Who Can Be A Leader?
Anyone that is willing to put in the time it takes to learn by
reading books, ebooks, DVDs attend seminars and can be coached. To
become a leader you have to be coached and willing to take
action, in other words JUST DO IT! A leader is not afraid of
failure. A leader doesn’t look at it as failing. A leader sees it
as just another bump in the road or obstacles to climb.
Failure is a lesson to be learned to avoid the same problem.

What Mind Set Do Leaders Have To Have?
It’s a known fact that to become successful you have to change your
Mind Set. A leader wasn't born with this ability. He had to learn
from others. Reading self-development books, audio/videos
and seminars. A Leader's mind set is not if I can do it, but what can
I do to accomplish my goals. Leaders don't say
things like "well maybe I can" or " I'll try" or "what will
happen if I fail?” All Thoses comments are what a Loser says.
Change your Mind Set. Surround yourself with positive thinking
people. Get rid of negative influences in you life, and Change
your Mind Set.

How Leaders Overcome Obstacles?
Leaders overcome obstacles by seeing what they did wrong and
fixing the problem and taking action. To a leader an obstacle is just
another learning experience. Leaders know about Murphy's Law
(What Ever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong).
The difference between Leaders and other people is while the other guy
wines and cries, the Leader finds a solution.

A good Leader treats his business partners
with respect and teaches them a duplicated plan for their success and
at the same time he’s growing his business. A business needs to have
Leaders for that business to be successful. Some people are born
leaders, some people have leadership thrust on them.
What category do you fall in?

About The Author:

James M. Taylor

Will Show how to find the best home based
business ideas and opportunities so you can
work at home visit:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Duplication is The Key To A Successful Home Based Business

Duplication is The Key To A Successful Home Based Business
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What is Duplication?

By definition Duplication means to copy, or repetition, doing the something over and over again. To be successful in your home business you need to practice the strategy of Duplication. It’s a known fact that 90 to 95% of people who start a home business fail and only 5 to 10% of the people are successful. Why is that? Well one reason is they try to be salesman. Don’t get me wrong if you are a super salesman and able to build huge downlines, that’s great. But if all those people in your downline are not as good of a salesman as you are, what happens to your business? I’ll tell you what happens,your business stalls and then you have to bring in more and more people which means more work for you and less time doing other things that makes your life worth while. There is no Duplication in your business, in other words you must teach people to do the same things that brought you that growth and success.

Why do we need Duplication?

There are four reasons why Duplication is important, For example what if you used a system that taught all those people in your downlines to do exactly what you did? Well that’s Duplication, with everyone copying what you did to build your downline, what happens?

1. Your business grows faster at an accelerated rate.
2. The people in your downline will begin to see growth their business.
3. You don’t have to work as hard to build your business.
4. You are paying it forward by helping others achieve their dreams of wealth and happiness.

Who uses a duplication system?

There are several companies out there that use some sort of duplication, for this article we will talk about one company. Has everyone heard of McDonalds? Of course you have, who hasn’t?Let me explain, when you go into McDonalds the order is usually a $.99burger, a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac. Think about it these burger patties cost pennies because of bulk orders. People come for the burger. But that’s not what makes McDonalds the money, the burgers get you in the door, but when you get fries with thatburger and of course you need something to drink a pop or a milkshake and how about a hot apple pie. You see those extra items are what make the money. And McDonalds has been using that model sense they open, that’s what makes them successful. Now as you know McDonald’s licenses there business models in the form of franchises, and the McDonalds franchise owners follow this business model to the letter. What I mean is a McDonalds in Chicago is the same as a McDonald’s in Los Angeles. A McDonalds in Miami is the same as a McDonalds in Canada, get the picture that my friends isDuplication. Every owner in every City, State and every country duplicates the McDonalds business model. Businesses that follow the same or similar business models are the ones that are successful. A business with a strong business plan that incorporates duplication are the ones that have the most success. Being a super salesman is great, but if your system is not duplicateable your success is limited.

About the Author:
James M. Taylor Chicago, IL.
7 Years Internet Marketing, 10 Years Computer Engineering
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Get Quality Traffic Like The Experts

Get Quality Traffic Like The Experts
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Every successful company that has a web site online knows how important it is for that company to generate and drive good quality traffic to their site. The company must have Great products or services and the business must be duplicateable to do well on the Internet.

On the Internet there’s a lot competition with other companies selling the same or
similar products and services. So you need to be a step ahead of your competition
by increasing traffic to your site starting yesterday. Now there are different ways to
drive quality traffic to your site and I want to discuss some of these techniques in this article.
Experts all agree that timing is essential to be successful in your business. But with generating traffic, you should always be aware that you need to be a day ahead of everyone else. Your starting point is not today or tomorrow, your starting point for making your site traffic rich should have been yesterday.

To help you out in generating more traffic for your site, here are some techniques to increase your traffic starting from yesterday.

Traffic Exchanges or Trade Links with other sites

Traffic Exchanges are a good source for find some marketing tools to help generate traffic to your site on these traffic exchanges other marketers offering traffic increasing tools like List Builders, email marketing sites etc. One of the best-known exchanges on the Internet is TrafficSwarm, I Love Hits and many others.
Seriously think about trying traffic exchanges services they do work.
With exchanging links with other sites, both of you will benefit from each others efforts to enhance your sites traffic. The efforts are doubly beneficial because it would seem like both of you are working to generate more traffic. The more links traded with more sites the more traffic could be expected.

Search Engines Advertising

Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture provide a great advertising technique that are very popular and assures great traffic. Although with this technique to increase your traffic would cost some money. While some would not want the added expense of spending money to increase traffic, it is important to do so because Adwords and Overture are the number one techniques used to increase your traffic.
The successes of this search engine advertising methods have reaped rewards for so many companies. Do not be left behind. Every penny is worth it with using Google and Yahoo’s advertising.
Keywords or keyword phrases to your sites content

Search engines look for certain keywords that they would show in their results page. In doing so, having the right keyword and keyword phrase is a high requirement in ranking in high in search engine results. You could write your own content or you could hire someone to do it for you.

Forums Marketing

Capture a market and show your expertise and credibility. When you found a good foundation for your site, people will trust you and your site and will pass on to many people their trust. Traffic will certainly increase because they know that you can provide what they need.

Writing Articles Can Drive Traffic to your site

Submit articles to sites that would contain the same subject that your site deals in. If you sell computers or computers parts write press releases and articles about computers or computers parts. Attach a bio tell people about yourself add your sites description and services at the end of the article as well as the link to your site.

These are just some of the techniques companies use to generate quality traffic
to their sites. You can specialize in one techniques and be successful,
but doing all Of these techniques will increase your bottom line 100%.

About the Author:
James Taylor
Chicago, IL.
To find the best Home Based
Business idea and opportunities
so you can work at home visit:
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